Allerzielen Alom

Religion and spirituality

In the beginning it was not easy for Ida van der Lee to move into the territory belonging to religion. Religion and art were traditionally much more connected.

The estrangement began with the avant-garde. Since secularisation has taken hold, it appears that ‘death’ is no longer the domain of religion. However, in certain respects, art and religion can still be found on the same side of the coin. Both try to deal with the mystery of what death is. In fact, reactions from the church over Allerzielen Alom are relatively positive. Allerzielen Alom has found its way into sermons in a number of churches. An extende report appeared in the bulletion of the dioces of Haarlem. Catholics quickly accepted the idea because they are familiar with it and are not afraid of it. Protestants are more hesitant, and critical Reformed parishioners are less open. These are the results of research by the Radboud University.

Above all, Allerzielen Alom is particularly attractive for those not attached to a church, and who are searching for the own personal form of religion.

People from non-Christian cultures have a different attitude to death. Those from Surinam prefer to leave their dead, and thus their spirits, in peace when it is dark. It should be noted that some cultures have more mature rituals concerning death than we do. Therefore, it is not always proper to impose our ideas and experiments on them. In 2009, the goal is, however, to try to work more with religious institutions and people from other cultures.