Allerzielen Alom


Next-of-kin is a group which as large as society itself. Everyone has grieved someone who passed away. All next-of-kin have a place in Allerzielen Alom, whether one is grieving or just want to honour someone who has passed. Once per year there is room to “recreate” the dead.

Since the beginning, many next-of-kin have participated in Allerzielen Alom by doing something special at the grave. They took part in workshops, and worked out wonderful ideas, with or without the help of an artist. Although they sometimes had to overcome their doubts and fears, they found it to be an intense experience. Their reactions were always very positive, and they became examples for others.

There are also next-of-kin whose dead are cremated, are buried far away, or whose graves have already been emptied. They have nowhere to go, but Allerzielen Alom also gives them room to commemorate their dead. Sometimes they create their own place, or they find a beautiful opportunity in one of the collective forms which we offer, such as Name Singing or Floating Lights.