Allerzielen Alom

Target groups

Allerzielen Alom targets a wide range of groups.

Almost everyone is a next-of-kin, but Allerzielen Alom is meant above all for those whose lives have been significantly changed by the loss of someone close to them. We hope to be able to pass Allerzielen Alom on to communities so that they can carry on themselves.

It is a great challenge for artists because our death culture is being determined less by religion and more by the commercial funeral industry. The form for this is becoming questionable. Artist are experts with respect to imagination, from, and meaning.

Allerzielen Alom is looking for cooperation with the funeral industry, and works with ritual counselors, funeral advisers, and cemetery administrators. This has led to beautiful results. Many locations carry out their own All Souls’ Day evening. This year was the first time that we sought direct cooperation with religious institutions. It is important to inspire and strengthen each other. The academic research world also continues to follow Allerzielen Alom.