Allerzielen Alom

A look behind the scenes

Our goal is to ensure that Allerzielen Alom celebrations can become rituals which are passed on and repeated. There we have decided to provide a simple explanation of each component, art form, and construction element.

Over the past five years we have looked for new forms for commemoration on cemeteries within Allerzielen Alom. We have made an overview of all art, educational, and documentation forms which have been developed together with artists, neighbourhoods, next-of-kin, and organisors. Some were developed independently, others were developed under contract or were based on an initial idea which had to be further worked out. The ideas were further developed to be interactive or multidisciplinary under de direction of Ida van der Lee. An inventory of everything which has been developed in this way within Allerzielen Alom appears in her new book, “De Muze van het Herdenken” (in Dutch). At the same time, it is an overview of a database with forms which can be ordered by anyone who wants to organise a celebration. It is recommended that one takes a master class for organisors. Some ritual art forms are also suitable for training courses, therapies, or school programmes.  All artforms and rituals were developed within the copyrighted concept Allerzielen Alom.

Here on the website, we give a look behind the scenes. Every organisation that would like to carry out an All Souls’ Day celebration in a similar manner can let themselves be inspired with these examples. However, please take note of the quality criteria and copyrights with respect to the use of the different art forms, and the use of the Allerzielen Alom name. Some artforms can be carried out by organisors themselves in consultation and with permission of the artists. For more information and eventual orders or rentals, please contact Ida van der Lee, info .

Click here for a catalogue of all ritual art forms (in Dutch): Aanbod 2011 Studio Ritual Art