Allerzielen Alom

The celebration

Work groups are set up at all locations. Workshops are held in Amsterdam for the initiators, organisers, and volunteers. They then pass the expertise on to those at their home locations.

Introduction day for organisers and directors

Organising Allerzielen Alom in a community is a huge undertaking. We thus developed a series of master classes for 2010 and beyond for organisers and directors. This is an expansion and result of the successful master class for artists in 2009. In the master classes for directors and organisers, we want to promote cooperation between the practical organisational aspects and the artistic content.

Do you want to know if this project fits your talents, ideas, and goals, and do you want to organise an inspiring Allerzielen Alom celebration in your area in which art plays an important role? Then come to an introduction day.  One was already held in January; another is planned for 2011 – the date will be announced shortly.

The introduction day is free. We do ask for an A4 page with a short motivation and resumé.

Location: Winthontstraat 9, 1013 BR Amsterdam.

Masterclasses for organisers and directors

The intellectual content and resulting for Allerzielen Alom will be discussed during the introduction day, and there will be enough time for us know each other. It is important that organisers have good interpersonal and organisational skills, and have an affinity for art and/or community art. For directors it is important that they are socially active, have an interest in rituals and the culture of death, and want to work with all types of people in a creative manner. For Allerzielen Alom it is essential that in contact is made with the local community during a preparation stage. Next-of-kin, amateur artists, local businesses, and volunteers will determine the level of local support, and guarantee its place in community life. The goal of the master classes is to determine, before the end of the summer, which organiser will work together with which director, that they have a script which is developed together.

Those who want to organise an All Souls’ Day celebration themselves can prepare by taking a five day master class. Subjects that will be covered include the meaning of art, preparing a location plan, fundraising, and creating grassroots support. Participants become aware of their own vision and motivation.

If the introduction is found to be positive from both sides, you can take part in the master classes for organisers and directors volgen. We would require a more detailed motivation and resumé. De master classes in 2011 will begin in September. More information will be available soon.

The master classes will be given by Ida van der Lee, Saar Frieling, Mechtild Prins, and various guest lecturers.

Location: Winthontstraat 9, 1013 BR Amsterdam.

The cost is EUR 600,- including VAT for  2 x 1,5 days and 2 x 1 day incl. lunch.

For more information call Ida van der Lee 06 41 38 28 31.

Designing the location layout and writing the script

How to set up the location in a balanced manner conforming to the criteria

In this meeting, the local organisers present the possibilities but also the difficulties offered by the locations, both in a practical sense as well as with respect to atmosphere. The problems and possible bottlenecks are discussed. With the help of professionals, they find solutions to improve their location plans. The fundamental concepts are the criteria, the relationship between renewal, development, and repetition, the role of art, and the interactivity between the art forms. The script can be developed on this basis. The exchange of experience and solutions play a valuable role.

Conducted by Jaap Velserboer and Ida van der Lee

Fire and light workshops

Content and practical aspects of fire and light in Allerzielen Alom

Fire is a living material which provides atmosphere, allows feelings to be shown, and has a spiritual meaning. Humans were given fire to keep warm, to eat, and to provide light. We use fire in Allerzielen Alom for its beauty and its sensitivity. Fire is a difficult material which has its risks. There can be suddenly too much, or there can be suddenly too little so that it burns out. During this workshop, we provide our experience and expertise with respect to, among others, fire safety and extinguishing techniques.

Conducted by Lenneke van der Goot and Reinier Kurpershoek

One participant’s comments:

“I learned alot over things which should actually be obvious, but are forgotten for just that reason. One just doesn’t think of them. For example the wind direction!!! where the smoke is blowing and if visitors will have problems with it. Don’t forget fire safety stations and what is needed there. How to maintain a fire and keep out sudden drafts. All sorts of tricks which are really handy in practice. I highly recommend this workshop! I would say, do it!”

Workshop for hosts and guides

How to express hospitality, respect, serenity, and openness

The concepts listed above are core values of Allerzielen Alom and need to be carried out by all who serve a public function. During this workshop we work together on expressing them in word, gesture, and form.

Mechtild Prins, with her background in theatre, provides guidance during roleplaying exercises. During the celebration, nothing is to be forced on anyone; we want the visitors to feel safe and relaxed. They can then open themselves and are willing to speak about the dead.

Conducted by Mecthtild Prins, Annemiek van Harten, and Ida van der Lee

Comment from a participant:

“The quotations left quite an impression:

Courage of the imagination

– Room to experience

– Removing the superfluous

as well as what Mechteld presented as point 1: the task of the guides is finding the right tone.

The experience that I gained from this evening was seeing these texts become reality during the workshop.”