Allerzielen Alom

In principle, there is a place for all types of artists in Allerzielen Alom from all disciplines, profession or amateur, young or experienced. However, it is important that their normal way of working can be made suitable for Allerzielen Alom.

Master classes for artists

Artists learn about Allerzielen Alom and design their contribution to the project.

Allerzielen Alom is a layered but also sensitive community-art project. (Young) Professional artists are presented with a good idea of what the project is during the master classes. It will be clearly shown how artists can take part. Some artists may work independently, some may work together, and other will work with amateur artists and next-of-kin, helping with the workshops. 10 artists will be selected from 20 master class participants.

These master classes are conducted in cooperation with Kunstenaars & Co and will be given by Mechtild Prins en Saar Frieling.

Workshops for amateur artists

How can amateur and/or local artists play a role in Allerzielen Alom?

Allerzielen Alom is a community art project in which professional and amateur artists work together. If amateur or local artists have the interest and affinity for the project, they can participate in Allerzielen Alom. In this workshop, we will look at how the participants can tailor their specialties to Allerzielen Alom. All disciplines are possible, including song, music, visual arts, theater, poetry, gardening, woodworking, textiles, cooking etc.

To be given by Ida van der Lee and others

Name Singing Workshop

Professional singers passes on the concept of Name singing to local singers.

Singer Daphne Questro has furhter developed ‘Name Singing around the circle of fire’. This is a ritual where next-of-kin write a name on a piece of paper and give it to a capella singers, who then improvise a kind of ‘mantra’ using the name. This art form is very moving and penetrates to deeper levels. The workshop is for amateur or professional singers with demonstrated singing experience, and who are comfortable singing and improvising a capella in front of the public.

To be given by Daphne Questro

Two comments from participants:

“We thoroughly enjoyed the way Daphne motivated us for Name Singing. She is an inspirational woman and did a great job in adding depth to our singing experience. Singing based on improvisation ws new for us, and we found this very interesting. Through this workshop we had the feeling that we were well prepared for Name Singing in Allerzielen Alom.”

“Dat we tijdens deze workhop vanuit improvisatie ontdekten dat er toch een vorm van structuur nodig is om de namenzanger(es) de mogelijkheid te bieden om op de ontvangen naam te improviseren. Dat de bijbehorende belangrijke mantra ook om een bepaalde sound vraagt, door improvisatie hebben we kunnen ontdekken wat het aangenaamst was. Door het ontdekken hebben we nu een houvast om al zingende te zorgen voor een serene sfeer op de uitvoeringsdagen van Allerzielen Alom.”

Brainstorm for choral groups

How do you make a ‘normal’ concert an Allerzielen Alom concert?

Local choral groups often want to participate in Allerzielen Alom. In order to avoid this becoming a general memorial concert, we brainstorm with local choral groups in a creative way to see how they can contribute to their local Allerzielen Alom celebration. One or two representatives of each choral group are welcome, and they will pass the ideas on to the rest of their members.

To be given by Daphne Questro and Ida van der Lee