Allerzielen Alom

Information evening

What is this new style of All Souls’ Day and what is the roll of art and the community?

Allerzielen Alom, the art of remembering, is a process of growth, development, and renewal. It is crucial the community becomes involved and that the concept can be passed on. The information evening is meant to be an introduction, a forum for the exchange of needs and ideas. The initiator, Ida van der Lee, presents photographs from celebrations from previous years.

What is ‘Allerzielen Alom’? What is the role of art and of the community in the project? The evening will allow people to get to know each other, and exchange needs and ideas.

Walk-in photograph evening

Scan photographs of loved ones and incorporate in, for example, an illuminated object.

People can commemorate their loved ones in a simple way by scanning their photographs. This can be incorporated in a lamp or other object. The deceased are thus “set in the spotlight” during the

Next-of-kin can scan photographs of their loved ones. Instructors/artists will help in working these into a lighted object to be placed at the grave.

Inspiration evening

Tips and ideas for next-of-kin who want to honour their loved ones in a special way.

How to you create a special ambiance at a grave, or at some other site when a loved one was buried or cremated elsewhere? During these workshops, next-of-kin who want to do something on an individual basis can receive assistance to give form to their thoughts and memories. This can be associative, poetic, musical, culinary, or visual. Artists listen to the personal stories of the next-of-kin. With these stories, ideas and plans are developed with fit both the deceased and the next-of-kin.

During this evening, stories from next-of-kin will be heard, and examples will be provided for personal commemoration. Participants will receive ideas on how to commemorate their loved ones during Allerzielen.

Instructions for volunteers

For those who want to make a difference through a celebration.

A successful Allerzielen Alom celebration requires many helping hands. The many important jobs include, for example, filling, setting out and lighting torches, construction and dismantling, selling candles, distribution of flyers and posters. Everyone who wants to help is welcome. An instruction evening is planned for volunteers. Everyone can do whatever fits their capabilities.

Carrying out an Allerzielen Alom celebration is more than just practical work and logistics. Every worker must also work with values, form, rituals, and feeling. You will be prepared for this role as a volunteer.