Allerzielen Alom


(Note: The following text is translated from the Dutch version appearing on this website. The Dutch version is the legally binding version.)

In the last years, Allerzielen Alom has turned into a new tradition in The Netherlands. Ida van der Lee’s concept of Allerzielen Alom serves as an example for many to fulfill the motto, ’Do not silence the dead, but instead, celebrate them for who they were and what they can tell us.’ Van der Lee’s first publication, “Allerzielen Alom – Kunst tot herdenken” (only available in Dutch), was an inspirational guide. The book is almost sold out. We are pleased that the idea has been taken up by the funeral industry, ritual counselors, art organisations, governments and communities. This was made possible, among others, thanks to the efforts of partners from the art and cultural community, foundations and sponsors, and many volunteers.

Allerzielen Alom is entering an exciting future. The new publication, ‘De Muze van het Herdenken – Vijf jaar Allerzielen Alom’, will appear in September. The presentation of the book will be combined with an Allerzielen Alom market in which its products and services can be ordered. In addition, we are active with an education programme to transfer our knowledge, expertise, and experience to organisors, producers and artists. Allerzielen Alom has become a phenomenon in Nederland, and there are also plans to introduce Allerzielen Alom in the neighbouring countries, Belgium and Germany.

Our growth in quality brings with a great responsibility. We are not a commercial enterprise; however, we find it necessary to provide clarity about what Allerzielen Alom is, and how we work. Recently there has been some confusion over the use of the Allerzielen Alom concept and name, as well as the use of the art forms developed within the framework of Allerzielen Alom. This has partly been due to a lack of clear guidelines from our organisation. A number of organisors of celebrations inspired by Allerzielen Alom have thus gotten the impression that they can use everything as they please.

Unfortunately, in a number of cases the concepts and artforms were used illegitimately, without permission and proper citation of the source. One then has the impression that the ideas and their implementation were originally thought of by the organisors themselves, although all ideas have their origins in Allerzielen Alom.

We have thus developed a number of guidelines n order to set everything on the right path, and in order to ensure good, open and clear cooperation and communication. These are explained in the following.

I. Use of the name ‘Allerzielen Alom

The name ‘Allerzielen Alom’ stands for quality. An Allerzielen Alomviering must fulfill specific criteria and core values. These are explained in more detail on this website, click on criteria or core values . An important criterion is, among others, the use of art and artists. Art provides innovation, the power of imagination, and gives a ritual a deeper meaning. Art forms which have been developed and used for Allerzielen Alom celebrations help next-of-kin express their thoughts and feelings about their lost ones. Art is the driver for the imagination, providing access to the mystery of death. In order to reach this objective, Ida van der Lee has trained professional artists. It is not something that anyone can just do. Furthermore, Allerzielen Alom is not an exhibition of ‘autonomous’ art; if it is to be placed in a category, it would probably better fit in the category ‘community art’, a form of art which reaches out to the community and allows people to take part. In order to protect the quality of Allerzielen Alom celebration, we feel that it is important that art is used in a specific way during Allerzielen Alom celebrations.

1.    The name ‘Allerzielen Alom’ is a registered trademark, registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property under the registration number  0867132. The name may only be used with prior written permission of the owner of the trademark, Ida van der Lee.

2.    The ‘Allerzielen Alom’ logo is a registered trademark (logo), registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property under the registration number 0875496. The logo may also only be used with prior written permission of the owner of the logo, Ida van der Lee.

3.    The decision as to whether or not a celebration can use the name ‘Allerzielen Alom’ will be made by the creator and initiator, artist Ida van der Lee. We want to ensure quality, and the name can thus be seen as a seal of quality. Not all professional art is suitable for Allerzielen Alom. A master class is offered by  Ida van der Lee, where participants can profit from the broad knowledge and expertise she has built up within Allerzielen Alom. After completion of the master class, it will be discussed with Ida van der Lee whether or not a celebration to be organised by the participant can be organised under the name, Allerzielen Alom, and under what conditions.

II. Use of the concept and/or individual art forms developed within Allerzielen Alom

1.    All art forms and concepts which have been developed within the framework of Allerzielen Alom celebrations under Ida van der Lee’s leadership since 2005 are protected by copyright. They may only be used with prior written permission from Ida van der Lee.

2.    For this use of the concept and/or individual art forms in a celebration that is not an Allerzielen Alom celebration, the text, ‘This celebration is inspired by the concept, Allerzielen Alom, developed by the artist, Ida van der Lee,’ must be clearly placed near the name of the celebration, on the home page of the website, and in the credits as well in other texts such as press releases, websites, publications, DVD’s, and other public relations material.

3.    The use of text, either directly cited or paraphrased, may only be used with proper references as is commonly done in the media, literature, and academic journals.

4.    If photographs and text are used which describe art forms developed within the framework of Allerzielen Alom, the copyright must be given in the usual form : © [name of artist(s)]. Click here for a list of art forms AA2010_ARCHIEF, kunstvormen and see also the new publication ‘De Muze van het Herdenken – Vijf jaar Allerzielen Alom’ (only in Dutch).

Allerzielen Alom and the artist= Ida van der Lee invite you to contact them if you would like to use the concept and/or one of the art forms which are copyrighted with Allerzielen Alom as discussed above.

We are pleased that the Allerzielen Alom concept is serving as an example and is being used. In order to guarantee the quality we feel that it is important that this intellectual property is treated with respect. On the other hand, it also has to do with recognition; an outsider should be able to trace the source of the material. We look forward to good communication on which respectful cooperation is based.