Allerzielen Alom

The name Allerzielen Alom

The Dutch name, Allerzielen Alom, is a registered trademark ¹ and represents a certain quality. The logo is also registered ². They may only be used if it fulfills, among others, the following conditions and by written permission from the creator and initiator, artist Ida van der Lee. For more information on the use of the trademark, click here.

1.  Allerzielen Alom celebrations are associated with a given season, that is, the period between mid-October and mid-November. The memorial celebration begins after sunset, when darkness falls, that is when death makes itself most felt. The season and darkness take on a symbolism.

2.  Allerzielen Alom is designed for remembering specific individuals, and not the dead in general. The latter is what is done, for example, during a memorial concert.

3.  Individual initiatives should be promoted and supported. This means that survivors can remember their dead at the grave or at a location of their choice, in the way they want to. Space is created for the individual.

4.  The cemetery or memorial location should be lighted and decorated in an inviting manner. Guides, and hosts or hostesses make the location accessible and inviting. Food and/or drink should help create the sphere for people to meet each other.

5.  Several locations should also be set up for ‘outsiders’. Those are people whose deceased are not buried or were not cremated at the specific location where the celebration is being held.

6.  The use of art and the services of artist is necessary and required. Art provides innovation, and prevents the celebration from becoming diluted and turning into a meaningless ritual.

7.  The celebration must be open to all, regardless of whether or not their deceased are buried there, or were cremated their.

8.  A period of preparatory activities is necessary. This includes evening information and inspirational meetings, and workshop. These should be advertised to the general public.

¹ registered trademark with the BBIP – Benelux Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom, registration nr. 0867132.
² registered logo with the BBIP, registration nr. 0875496.