Allerzielen Alom

Celebrations in 2011

A number of celebrations are planned in October and November, some of which are and some of which are not directly organised by Allerzielen Alom. However, we are also involved in the latter, for example, since we trained the organisers, or we provide artists and their art forms.

Tuesday, 1 November from 18.00 to 20.00, Levende Namen, Nieuwe Begraafplaats Lochem

A celebration will be held in Lochem for the first time this year, inspired by the Allerzielen Alom concept. Levende Namen (Living Names) will be organised by the intiators Gerthe Lamers (culture broker) and Anna Veenstra (ritual counselor). They have found many local artists and volunteers to design their celebration. It is a beautiful green cemetery with a special entry gate, and a lot of space.

Nieuwe Begraafplaats Lochem – Zutphenseweg 93 – 7241 KP  Lochem

Thursday, 3 November from 19.30 to 21.30 uur, Allerzielen Alom, Algemene begraafplaats in Zwanenburg.

Allerzielen Alom in Zwanenburg is a tailor-made project from the Amateurkunstencentrum PierK. Projectleader Joke Rood, teacher/artist Anne-Marie Corman and artist Simone de Groot took part in the Master class for organisors in 2010 conducted by Ida van der Lee. The cemetery is is small and intimite. During the evening one can experience many beautiful ritual artforms..

Algemene Begraafplaats, Kerkhoflaan 91, 1161 JA Zwanenburg

Friday, 4 November from 19.00 to 21.00, Namen Noemen Amerpoort, Baarn

The first celebration last year was a success in spite of the rain. This year will be the second time. A large team of employees will transform their “village” into a magical city for the dead. Annemieke Kappert partipated in the Master class last year and applied her new knowledge in practice in the same year.

Zorginstelling Amerpoort, Zandheuvelweg 11, 3744 MN Baarn

Wednesday, 9 November, 19–22 uur, Allerzielen Velsen Verlicht, cemetery De Biezen.

An Allerzielen celebration will be held for the third time in the ambience of the cemetery De Biezen, designed by the landscape architect Zocher, who also designed the cemetery Zorgvliet in Amsterdam. Alice Loeters Persoonlijke Uitvaartverzorging is organizing this together with the municipality Velsen.

Begraafplaats De Biezen, Kweekerslaan 21, Santpoort-Noord