Allerzielen Alom

Allerzielen Alom 2009

Allerzielen Alom is growing. In five years time over forty celebrations have been organised. Allerzielen Alom is planned in twelve locations this year, each with different objectives and goals. Seven other celebrations are being conducted under other names.

Ida van der Lee will organise and direct the celebrations in North Holland. We work in and with small communities. All those participating will be trained so that they can do it themselves in the following years.

Schatten van Brabant, a provincial programme for art and cultural heritage will develop and carry out celebrations in the province of Brabant. Ida van der Lee will provide advice and support. The plans will be checked against the criteria.

The independent initiatives which carry the name Allerzielen Alom will also receive advice and support from the foundation which will also check that they fulfill the criteria. These are small-scale initiatives which are carried out mostly by volunteers.

More information about Allerzielen Alom celebrations in 2009 as well as from 2005-2008 can be found by clicking on the year of interest in the menu at left.