Allerzielen Alom

Social sciences and humanities

Allerzielen Alom sits on the cutting edge of art, religion, landscape, and anthropology. It thus attracts continued research interest in the social sciences and the humanities. It is important that independent institutes observe Allerzielen Alom and place it in a larger perspective.

The Radboud University (Nijmegen) has been following Allerzielen Alom within their research programme ‘Refiguring death rites’. Questionnaires were passed out in 2007 and the results analysed. The University of Wageningen discussed Allerzielen Alom in a publication about ‘Art and transition’. In 2008 William Arfman from the University of Leiden visited Allerzielen Alom celebrations and used his observations in his thesis ‘Analysing Allerzielen Alom, material culture in an Emerging Rite’.

Sandra Trienekens is a lecturer at the Hogeschool Amsterdam conducts research into art and social cohesion. Allerzielen Alom is being followed in this context. Wytze Kuijper is a conceptual planner and process coordinator. He conducts research on the future of death in cities and landscapes. Allerzielen Alom will be included in a publication of ritual landscapes.