Allerzielen Alom

Art and culture

Allerzielen Alom was developed from art. Art is a means in Allerzielen Alom, a tool with a specific goal. Allerzielen Alom creates a context in which people have the space to allow the strength of their imagination to work.

Art as the driver for the imagination – which provides access to the mystery of death. The old-fashioned notion of ‘beauty’ fits well here. Beauty gives consolation. It provides order in chaos.

As a rule, artists are not focussed on serving or cooperation. They are more likely to be confronting, stubborn, and solitary. It is perhaps not easy to work with artists, but they are indispensable in Allerzielen Alom. They make sure that light and fire have meaning, and rise above the level of a Christmas market. They have a feel for form and meaning. With artists, Allerzielen Alom remains a ritual in motion.

Allerzielen Alom has always worked with cultural institutes. Kunst- en Cultuur Noord-Holland has taken it into its arms. In the province of Brabant, it has been taken up by Schatten van Brabant, and the Centrum Beeldende Kunst Midden en West Brabant. Kunstenaars & CO recruits and pays for some of the artists. In 2009 the communities themselves will be the ‘informal cultural institutes’ which will give meaning to Allerzielen Alom.