Allerzielen Alom

Allerzielen Alom wants to make a difference

and have a ripple effect in creating new initiatives. The concept will be continuously studied, sharpened, developed, and passed on. Allerzielen Alom wants to work with those inspired by such a rich project. People will become more conscious of their own roots and identity by commemorating the dead in the way envisioned by Allerzielen Alom. It lets them think about their examples, and about those that have inspired them. It is a moment for them to reflect on the life they are leading.

Allerzielen Alom wants to:
–    facilitate initiatives outside the province North Holland possible;
–    support new independent initiatives;
–    pass the initiative on to local citizens. Ritual counselors or more
     idealistic funeral counselors can feel and translate the needs
     and wishes of the local population;
–    open traditional cemeteries for people with other convictions,
     and for people whose departed are either buried far away,
     or have been cremated;
–    stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience between
     the various initiative;
–    search for locations other than cemeteries or crematoriums
     which could be suitable for an All Souls’ Day New Style
     celebration, that is, discover or create so-called ritual

Allerzielen Alom will continue to develop and grow by:
–    continuously analysing the concept,
     and making it understandable so that it can be passed on.
     The current criteria form the basis for this;
–    making various tools available in order to transfer the concept
     to others, and to preserve all experience for the future;
–    giving master classes to artists, ritual counselors, and other
     professionals in order to pass on the concept and ensure its
     proper application;
–    reusing already developed and well-functioning forms
     (eventually conducted by amateurs and volunteers).

Allerzielen Alom will build a solid, long-term foundation so that:
–    it will become a living tradition;
–    independent Allerzielen Alom celebrations can be carried out
     on a local level. Coaching, advice, information, toolkits, criteria;
–    cooperation between various sectors (health, religion, art,
     funeral industry, residents) so that a basis for the continuation
     of Allerzielen Alom can be created. Municipalities and
     institutes can then work self-sufficiently;
–    independent, scientific research will support the interests and
     needs of Allerzielen Alom ;
–    new target groups will be reached: children, parents, and
     immigrants will receive special attention this year;
–    the commemoration of the dead will lead to the durability
     of society, through the fact that the thoughts and memories
     of our predecessors are ‘recycled’.