Allerzielen Alom

Book presentation and Allerzielen Alom market

Date: 26 September 2010

Location: Winthontstraat, Amsterdam
The new publication ‘De muze van het herdenken – Vijf jaar Allerzielen Alom’ (only in Dutch) was presented on Sunday 26 September 2010. At the same time, an Allerzielen Alom market was held. Over 100 visitors took part in the activities. The organisors would like to thank the organisations Stipo and Ateliers Westerdok for the use of their quarters in de Winthontstraat.

The second publication ‘De muze van het herdenken – Vijf jaar Allerzielen Alom’ (in Dutch only) is a colourful book which clearly shows how art gives a new meaning to All Souls’ day celebrations in a secular society. The authors are Dirk van Weelden; Thomas Quartier and William Arfman from the Radboud University (Nijmegen), art historian Michael van Hoogenhuyze and artist Ida van der Lee. The boek includes an overview and description of all art forms. Along with photographs, citations, and interviews, the book gives a complete picture of Allerzielen Alom.

Before the presentation of the book, William Arfman from the Radboud Universiteit presented results of research on rituals dealing with death. Ellen Klaus from Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland led the discussion with the audience. She then held an interview with the initiator of Allerzielen Alom, artist Ida van der Lee, as well as Allerzielen Alom master class instructor Saar Frieling. They discussed the experience gained from five years of  Allerzielen Alom, and their ideas for the future. Finally, Van der Lee presented the first copy of the book to Lies Verver, next-of-kin from Blaricum (Greeting cards in a party tent).

After the book presentation, the first Allerzielen Alom art market was held. Designers and artists presented the products, art forms, or services they developed for Allerzielen Alom. Visitors could familiarise themselves with ritual art forms such as Name Singing, Bezoekers maakten kennis met rituele kunstvormen als het Namen zingen, The Ever After, or the Time Office. Everyone who wants to organise their own All Souls’ Day celebration can order or rent these products and services. For information and orders contact Ida van der Lee, info .

Persbericht 26 sep

The book “De muze van het herdenken – Vijf jaar Allerzielen Alom” (only in Dutch) can be ordered via:


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